El Salvador Hospital registers more than 10,000 medical discharges

A total of 10,045 patients have recovered from COVID-19 at Hospital El Salvador and have been discharged from this care center to reunite with their families. Since its inauguration, this healthcare center has been the benchmark in the care of COVID-19 patients on a national and international scale.

Since it was inaugurated in June 2020, Hospital El Salvador has been the reference center for the care of COVID-19 patients who require in-hospital care due to the effects of the virus on their bodies.

Despite the effects of the coronavirus in the country, this healthcare center has not registered saturation of patients due to the installed capacity of 1,000 hospital beds.

The Minister of Health, Francisco Alabi, has stated that Hospital El Salvador has state-of-the-art equipment, a supply of supplies and medicines (like the rest of the hospital network) that allow it to provide care to people admitted.

“In El Salvador, the Ministry of Health is now more likely to have the latest generation of medicine for managing the COVID-19 pandemic than any other institution. We see when using Tocilizumab, which are interleukin-5 inhibitors, the ease of using antibodies that are state-of-the-art drugs that are international and that the country has the opportunity to be able to provide them to the Salvadoran population” — he said. Alabi during his participation in the Health Commission of the Legislative Assembly.

On the other hand, the construction of the El Salvador Hospital has received different recognitions from local officials, as well as from others on an international scale due to the impact that the hospital has had on the restoration of the health of Salvadorans and the decongestion of the network of hospitals regarding the care of COVID-19 patients.

“The population has realized how, in the framework of this pandemic that has hit the world, even world powers that were advanced in health issues have given in to the pandemic […] That vision of our president [Nayib Bukele], of your minister, is the one that has served so that many Salvadorans have not gone through a serious stage in the pandemic. We see the El Salvador Hospital, which is an icon in Latin America,” said the deputy for Nuevas Ideas, Jonathan Hernández.

In September 2020, Guatemalan congressman lvaro Arz emphasized El Salvador’s good handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly the investment in a new hospital to care for infected patients.

“That hospital was built from scratch in El Salvador, because the government’s resources were well invested there. They did manage this situation well and invested the money well. I wish we had a hospital in Guatemala like this, but here people are dying on the floor because they did not have the capacity to treat people with dignity” said Arzú, pointing out and holding President Alejandro Giammattei responsible for the situation in the neighboring country that led to the state of Calamity.