According to a new poll, 84% of Salvadorans approve president Nayib Bukele’s work

The CID Gallup polling house revealed today that 84% of Salvadorans approve of the work done by Nayib Bukele as president of the Republic of El Salvador.

The survey, which was given to 1,200 Salvadorans from January 6 to 12, this year, has a 95% confidence level and a 2.8 point margin of error.

“The positive ratings towards the administration, although high at a general level, are found proportionally more among those under 30 years of age and those who consider El Salvador today to be on the right path, as well as followers of Nuevas Ideas or those who have a favorable opinion of Bukele” — according to the polling house.

According to the approval by specific areas of work, 95% endorse the president’s work in handling the pandemic, 86% on the subject of education, 85% on health, and 81% on security.

His work in areas such as housing, job creation and cost of living has been approved with 79%, 73% and 68%, respectively.

“Regarding job creation, almost three out of four Salvadorans (73%) approve of what has been done, with the number being relatively higher among those mentioned above who also support actions taken to facilitate access to basic household needs, such as shelter, food , housing and transportation” — says the CID Gallup.

The president of the republic reacted on social networks and described the results of the survey as interesting.