The government strengthens the public education system by incorporating new teachers

Authorities from the Ministry of Education welcomed the new teachers who won the Special Contest for Vacant Places by Salary Law.

“They are our new ambassadors in the territory to help us guarantee quality education, putting the best interests of our children first” — Ministry authorities highlighted.

They reported that 14 welcome days will be held, one for each department, to present the Torogoz Plan (2019-2024 Institutional Strategic Plan), which contains the mission, vision, and priorities.

Each teacher will be given a kit with his computer, a summary of the Torogoz Plan, among other items, so that he can start his work in the best way, in each educational center.

The new teachers join the Ministry, with the aim of fulfilling the mission of “Training responsible people who understand reality, who coexist harmoniously and generate prosperity through the creation of knowledge and its applications.”

In addition, these new teachers will contribute to the vision embodied in the Torogoz Plan, of having “a fair, prosperous, responsible society that appropriates technological and scientific changes,” they stressed.