The First Lady of El Salvador promotes the strengthening of initial education in Dubai

The First Lady of El Salvador, Gabriela de Bukele, explained to the children of Expo Dubai 2020 the country’s initiatives in early childhood education through playful tools and games.

This Tuesday, January 25, the First Lady of El Salvador, Gabriela de Bukele, is at Expo Dubai 2020 sharing the initiatives aimed at strengthening initial education and early childhood.

Expo Dubai 2020 is one of the largest events on a global scale where the commitment and recognition of human talent stand out. The First Lady of the Republic took the opportunity at the Sea Stage, Mobility District, to present to the world the level of commitment that El Salvador has in terms of the comprehensive development of children.

During her visit, the First Lady shared her vision for education through tools and games, in addition to the contents of the collection called “Tree of Life,” which includes the book “Growing Up Reading,” which she showed to Luna Isabelle Navarro, the first girl of Salvadoran parents born in Dubai, who attended the event in a traditional dress from El Salvador and also other children who came to the exhibition.

The “Tree of Life” collection includes seven series of books produced for early childhood development and is an initiative led by the First Lady.