Salvadorans abroad to invest $415 million in El Salvador by 2022

The Presidential Commissioner for Strategic Projects, Cristian Flores, reported that Salvadorans abroad plan to invest $415 million in projects of interest that will give a boost to the country’s economic development.

The official explained that these investments will help create more jobs and prosperity for the communities. In addition, it will give a boost to the process of building the foundations for sustainable development.

According to the presidential commissioner, the activities towards which these nationals direct their resources are varied and include hotels, tourism projects throughout the coastal zone, residential projects, vehicle maintenance, and large-scale mechanical workshops.

“The investment of the diaspora in the country takes the form of tourism and economic development projects throughout the territory. PROESA foresees an investment of more than $415 million for this year” — said Flores.

The commitment of Salvadorans living outside the territory remains firm and is reflected in significant support for economic recovery.