“The government handed over all the information there was on the El Mozote massacre,” — says Deputy Ernesto Castro.

The president of the Legislative Assembly, Ernesto Castro, mentioned that during the administration of President Nayib Bukele, all the documentation related to the El Mozote massacre in Morazán was delivered.

When he served as private secretary of the Presidency, all the documents that were in the possession of the Executive related to the events perpetrated in 1981 were delivered, where, according to the report of the Truth Commission, around 1,000 people were murdered.

“The government gave information about the El Mozote massacre, but what some groups wanted was to put on a show. All the information that had been delivered, and no government had wanted to do so, “explained the president of the salvadoran congress after his participation in the interview with Ernesto López.

Among the assessments made by the deputy were that the main objective of the executive is to know the truth about those events, and that those who executed them are prosecuted and, if found guilty, receive the respective conviction.

The opposition parties, as well as some civil society organizations affiliated with them, continue to argue that the government has not provided information about the case.

In addition to delivering the documents related to the massacre, the Executive executes various projects in El Mozote and surrounding areas to repair part of the damage caused during the armed conflict.