Nine municipalities embezzled more than $7 million destined to attend to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Court of Accounts.

The Court of Accounts of the Republic (CCR) presented on Monday morning notices against nine mayors for irregularities in the handling of funds. The notices were filed with the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) to open the respective investigation processes. The total of irregularities committed in previous administrations amounts to more than $7 million.

The irregularities reported by the CCR correspond to the previous administrations, which ended their management on April 30, 2021. The notices are for the irregularities found in the municipalities of San Sebastián Salitrillo (Santa Ana), Zaragoza (La Libertad), Ahuachapán, San Antonio del Monte (Sonsonate), San Antonio Pajonal (Santa Ana), Cuisnahuat (Sonsonate), San Francisco Menéndez (Ahuachapán) and Candelaria de la Frontera (Santa Ana).

He added that the crimes would have been committed by previous administrations. The funds were used for salary payments and projects that were not linked to care.

The mayor of San Sebastián Salitrillo (ARENA) would have embezzled $4,475,132.52; that of San Antonio Pajonal (FMLN) $ 156,200; Candelaria de la Frontera (ARENA) $395,000; San Antonio del Monte (GANA) $235,500; Cuisnahuat (PCN) $408,872; Sonzacate (FMLN) $310,375.74; while the municipal council of San Francisco Menéndez (PCN/PDC) $553,063.99; Ahuachapán (PCN) $257,874.07 and Zaragoza (ARENA) $235,351.10.

The Court of Accounts indicated that, when finding evidence of acts related to criminal offenses, the institution must inform the Prosecutor’s Office so that the corresponding investigations can be carried out. In these nine notices, signs of crimes such as embezzlement, embezzlement, breach of duties, among others, have been pointed out.

The President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele, pointed out that these notices are one more example of the misappropriation of public funds that previous municipal administrations carried out, redirecting public money for their own benefits and leaving aside the purpose of improving the quality of life of Salvadorans.

“That is why they insisted so much that the mayors had to handle the COVID-19 funds. As Rodolfo Parker said: The funds for the campaign, sorry, rmrmrm, for municipal works,” — President Bukele posted from his Twitter account.