El Salvador’s former ambassador to the United States says that murders committed by FMLN guerrillas during the war are justified

The former presidential candidate and former ambassador of El Salvador to the United States in the first FMLN government, Rubén Zamora justified the executions that the guerrillas committed in the context of the armed conflict that affected El Salvador for more than two decades.

“The [current] government says that it is in a period of change to do something new, but it has never told us what the new thing is. At least with the communists in the past, when they did all the things, when they gained power and began to kill people and change everything, it was because they had a project and they said it and they were clear, but here, what they are doing is destroying the democratic structure, making the Constitution ” — he said in the TVX interview.

Zamora is one of the critical characters in the administration of the President of the Republic, Nayib Bukele. Several deputies and the president have already spoken about his statements.

“It is clear that for this “analyst” of the opposition, a government that “kills people” is better, as long as it has a “project”. And to think that these are the referents of many in the “international community”. This is what they want us to return to. Well no” — wrote the president on Twitter.