Salvadoran fight against corruption is stronger than ever

The number of people prosecuted, especially former officials of previous governments, for the crime of corruption doubled this year compared to those registered in the period from May to December 2020, according to the Attorney General, Rodolfo Delgado.

“This year we managed to almost double the number of people who were prosecuted for crimes of corruption, in 2020 in the period from May to December only 34 people were processed, for this period (from 2021) 67 people were processed” — assured the prosecutor during the Face to Face interview.

Delgado explained that, according to the statistics of the institution, the number of cases initiated in the fiscal headquarters increased by about 100%. “There are very important variations in cases of corruption; it is 97.1%,” — he said.

Last week, the attorney general said that the criminal proceedings against former presidents Mauricio Funes and Salvador Sánchez Cerén from the FMLN governments; as well as that of Norman Quijano, from ARENA, are cases initiated with abundant evidence with which convictions are sought and the illegally stolen money recovered.

In addition to Funes and Sánchez Cerén, there is a long list of former FMLN and ARENA officials who have been or are currently being prosecuted for allegedly illegally benefiting from public funds.