Former FMLN congressman assures the U.S is financing marches against the Salvadoran Government

In a videoconference, a former FMLN congressman, Jorge Schafik Handal, assures that the mobilization of people from the countryside is financed by the United States. In addition, he emphasized that in meetings with various groups, such as war veterans, he has spoken about it, explaining that the marches find economic support in the United States.

“It’s being said by the veterans. Yes, there is evidence that the United States, through the embassy, is reaching out. In these marches that have been taking place are people from different groups, from rightists to leftists. They all attend. And, suddenly, these calls offering free transport appear” — he said

“Where do they get the money from? Do you know how much it costs to mobilize people from Morazán? A bus from Morazán, how much does it cost? It costs between $ 500 and $ 600. How much does this mobilization cost? It is money and, where does that money come from? The FMLN does not have it. We are in an economic crisis. Who has it? Who gives it? So, yes, there is a hand in it” — he continued.

Handal refers with these words to the marches that have been organized against the government and that have been called by civil groups related to the FMLN and ARENA, parties that make up the current opposition bloc in El Salvador.

Similarly, on October 30, the Nuevas Ideas political party denounced a possible attempt to buy wills and pay perks in exchange for achieving an internal rupture within the Cyan congress caucus.

The party published on its social networks a recording in where Roy García, general secretary of the Information movement of the Salvadoran Independent Party (Country), is heard offering perks to two cyan deputies in exchange for achieving a separation within the parliamentary group.

“We received an audio where presumably two deputies from Nuevas Ideas are heard, conspiring with Roy García, who presents himself as a link of @USEmbassySV, seeking to split the New Ideas bench in two in the Assembly, in exchange for perks,” he published on Twitter the official account of New Ideas at that time.