El Salvador’s earnings from tourism to November at $1.32 billion, after receiving 1.1 million visitors

Ministry of Tourism, Morena Valdez, highlighted the country’s recovery in the tourism sector at the inauguration of the first Gastronomy Laboratory in Surf City, La Libertad. “We have received 1,195,056 visitors. Since we promised to receive 1.2M, we are 1% away from achieving the goal,” — said the government official.

El Salvador is the fastest country to recover after the pandemic. As of November 2021, we achieved $ 1.32 billion in foreign exchange. The goal was $ 800 million. “We have exceeded the goal,” she stressed.

On the other hand, the first gastronomy laboratory is a comprehensive project that aims to offer opportunities and develop skills among youth in the gastronomic area to contribute to the restaurant industry and hotels in the zone and thus accompany the economic reactivation.