President Bukele announces historic development works for El Mozote

President Nayib Bukele, arrived on the afternoon of this Friday, December 10, to the El Mozote village, in the Morazán department to announce the transformations that will be carried out in the area, after it was abandoned for years by previous administrations.

«For 40 years, governments, NGOs and others have profited from this tragedy, without bringing anything to the victims, without making any investment. They just used them for speech, ”lamented President Bukele.

In this regard, the president announced diverse social development labors that will be done in the place, intending to finally carry out work as part of the amends for the massacre perpetrated by the old Armed Forces in 1981.

He explained that, among the efforts made, $1.8 million have destinated in housing and property deeds; and an investment of $4 million has already taken place to pave the access roads to the El Mozote village and surrounding areas.

“We are going to intervene 15 thousand square meters and we are going to benefit five villages with $28 million only in investment from the Directorate of Municipal Works,” he explained. In that sense, he said that El Pinalito, Ranchería, Jocote Amarillo and Toriles will also benefit.

In addition, he announced the construction of a sewage treatment plant with an investment of $ 600 thousand.

He also said: «We have already installed the first LED luminaires. We drilled two wells to improve access to water and also, we have delivered 70% of the computers to children who are in fourth grade and up. And through the first quarter of next year we will begin to deliver the ‘tablets’ to the third grade and below, ” explained the president, who added that the central area of the place already has free high-quality internet.

He assured that more than $68 thousand will be invested in scholarships for youngsters, for them to start or continue their studies in colleges throughout the country: “58 young people are enrolled to university scholarships so far, we will pay for their entire degree.”

The president announced the construction of an Urban Center for Well-being and Opportunities (CUBO), “this one will be a little different because it will have three floors, while others only have two levels. Additionally, this one is going to have an amphitheater ».

“There are plenty of people that worked to achieve justice for what happened in El Mozote, but there are others who have taken advantage of this tragedy, to the point that for 40 years they have profited from it. Today, we come to commemorate that painful past; to talk about that painful past. But also, talk about the present and what is taking place”, added the president.